Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What year is this???

Kentucky, I'm saddened by you. I just did a post about your remarkable choir singing the National Anthem every night.

But - like most states - there are areas where the not-so-intelligent and racists live. Such is the case of Julius Hatfield, Fire Chief
of Bullit County.

Here's the film

And from, here is the transcript for the video:
Kentucky fire chief is being criticized for racist comments after he refused to help a family of stranded motorists because they were black, and then suggested that an Asian-American television reporter did not understand English.

In a Bullitt County Sheriff’s deputy’s body camera recording obtained by WDRB, Southeast Bullitt County Fire Chief Julius Hatfield can be heard discussing a car accident on I-65 in September.

Hatfield first goes out of his way to provide assistance to Loren Dicken, who is white.

“You got a jack, ain’t you?” Hatfield asks the driver. “If you show me where them things is at, I’ll get my guys to start changing the tire for you.”

At first, Dicken turns down the offer, but Hatfield insists, saying, “It will save you a bill.”

Firefighters working for Hatfield even picked Dicken up from the hospital and took him back to the firehouse, where his car was ready and waiting.

But Hatfield treats the family of four black motorists completely differently.

“Well, I’ve got a family of four from Cincinnati, I got to do something with,” the Bullitt County deputy tells Hatfield over the radio.

“We ain’t taking no n*ggers here,” Hatfield replies, laughing.

Instead of offering to help driver Chege Mwangi, the deputy recommends that he call the AAA motor club.

Mwangi told WDRB that he noticed that the firefighters had provided assistance to other motorists, but his family wasn’t injured so he didn’t think much of it. However, he said that the sheriff’s department was helpful.

And when WDRB’s Valerie Chinn attempted to ask Hatfield about the financial management of Southeast Bullitt Fire Department at a town meeting, he suggested that she didn’t understand English, and threatened to have her arrested.

“Do you understand English darling?” he says in video recorded at the public meeting by WDRB cameras. “Do you understand English?”

“Turn that camera off,” Hatfield barks. “I’ve asked you that in a nice way. Buddy, call the cops and get them here.”

“I asked you once tonight if you understand English,” the fire chief adds after Chinn presses the issue. “I’m speaking English.”

Hatfield later told Chinn over the phone that he did not recall the remarks he made while responding to the accident on I-65 in September, but he was sure that it was a slip of the tongue. Chinn said that he also apologized for the way that he treated her at the town meeting.

Watch the video below from WDRB, broadcast Nov. 19, 2014.

Goose Bumps

Published on Feb 7, 2013
Every night of the All State Choir conference at about 11pm, everyone comes out to the balconies of the 18 story Hyatt hotel to sing the National Anthem
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Monday, November 17, 2014

Want to see a Douchebag? Mea Culpa

His name is Tony Williams and he's a "long time" Saints fan.
He never relinquished the ball that was thrown to a Bengals Fan.

Here is her account:

From wwltv: Dennis Lomonaco, executive director of Saints punter Thomas Morstead's foundation, What You Give Will Grow, happened to be sitting in the area and witnessed the confrontation. "I think it was a little nuts, which is why I went up there to reach out to her and (offer) her a ball (signed by Morstead)," Lomonaco said. "It's pretty sad that was the highlight of the game." Barrett said she'd "be thrilled and honored to receive the ball," though she'd prefer it go to a more charitable endeavor. "I think it's perfect that she wants us to give the ball to charity because that ties into exactly what our foundation is all about, which is paying it forward and making sure you take care of people," Lomonaco said. "It's built in our namesake, What You Give Will Grow." Lomonaco said the foundation now plans to donate a ball in Barrett's honor to a child at Children's Hospital. Okay, after seeing this video < ahref = "this, I don't

I can't support his actions, but I really can't call him a Douchebag.

Monday Smile

After watching the Saints lose again at home, I think we should find some football related "Bad Lip Reading". Enjoy

Not Part of the Problem - NOT

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